We ask all residents of Albion Court to be kind and considerate to other residents.

  • Loud music or anti-social behaviour which affects other residents will be deemed unacceptable.
  • Children playing in the car park, communal garden or driveway is forbidden.
  • Ball games within the car park and gardens are forbidden.
  • Storing items outside of your property boundary is forbidden unless agreed beforehand by the Albion Court Management Company.
  • Before starting any work that alters the outside appearance of a property ie painting, extensions etc. It will need to be authorized by the Albion Court Management Company and may need to go to consultation with other residents before any work is carried out.
  • Please keep the outside of your property clean, tidy and free from unsightly weeds especially where your boundary meets the communal gardens. (13.12c) If you are in any doubt of where your property frontage meets the communal gardens, please check your deed or contact the Albion Court Management company.
  • Would landlords kindly make tenants aware of the Legal rules and general obligations listed in this section.
  • Satellites dishes within the court must ONLY be fitted to the rear of properties 3 to 7, access to the rear of properties 3 - 7 can be gained via the side gate next to number 7 Albion Court, if you do not have a key for the side gate, please contact the Albion Court Managment Company for a copy. Properties 1, 2 Albion Court and 9 Hibernia Street have little choice where to place a satellite dish but are advised to reduce the visual impact of an installation where possible.

If you feel that you have a grievance please contact Albion Court Management Company.

Property owners within Albion Court are legally obliged to follow the covenants outlined and agreed at the point of purchase.

Restrictive Covenants

13.12(a) the buyer(s) will forever hereafter maintain the boundaries marked 'T' on their plan and in the case of damage or destruction shall replace the same with boundaries of an identical character.

13.12(c) the Buyers(s) shall keep the whole of the property which is not built upon in a clean and tidy condition and where appropriate, in a state of good husbandry.

13.12(d) the Buyer(s) shall not carry out any work of repair or maintenance on any vehicle parked within the area shown coloured yellow (See Fig1).

13.12(e) the Buyer(s) shall not permit any person or firm or company other than the seller of any person body authorised by it to make any connection to any drains sewer pipe wire or other service or conducting media serving the property.

13.12(f) the Buyer(s) shall not cause or permit any building or structure or deep rooted plant to be erected or to be grown within such distance on each side of the centre line of any supply pipe of cable laid by service supplier.

Vehicle Parking

Each property has a single allocated parking space, residents are forbidden to park in any other space other than their own unless prior agreement by the owner of the given parking space.

Waste Disposal

Domestic rubbish should only be left outside the Albion Court vehicle gates after 9pm the eve of your designated collection day. Weekly collection days differ depending on whether you have been issued with a wheelie bin or seagul proof bag .

Collection Days

  • Wheelie bin collection = Fridays (6am)
  • Seagul proof bag collection = Wednesday (6am)
  • Garden Waste Collection (Communal gardens waste ONLY!) See Garden Waste Collection Calendar

*Please note that rubbish placed outside of your wheelie bin or seagul bag will NOT be collected by the council.

Official council information waste leaflets can be downloaded from the links below.

Seagull Proof Bag LeafletWheelie Bin Leaflet Garden Waste Collection Calendar